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Stop by this snug coffee bar in Ghent

At WAY you always have an amazing experience. These experts are specialized in coffee and have been serving the best flavours from around the world. They also started their own coffee brand and sell all types of products in their online store. After stopping by their coffee bar in Ghent, you might want to start your own barista adventure. Thanks to their tools, that is perfectly possible right now.

Only the best of the best

This coffee bar in Ghent prides itself on their quality beans and coffee machines. This is also why they only sell the best products in their webshop. One of these machines is the Sage the Oracle Touch, which makes brewing barista-like coffee pretty easy. This machine is equipped with the latest technology and automates your brewing experience. There are only three simple steps until the drink is ready: choose the grind of your choice, as well as the type of brew and milk. You have the option to make your own personalized coffee and save it on the machine. That way, you get to enjoy a delicious coffee every morning just how you like it. You can create up to eight different coffees with this function. Do you want to try something new? Choose one of the many pre-programmed drinks of this Sage Espresso machine. The automatic grinder doses the coffee perfectly so that it is never too strong or not strong enough. Above all of this, you can choose between three different colours. This makes it easy to match your machine to the rest of your kitchen. The options include:

  • Brushed stainless steel
  • Black stainless steel
  • Black truffle

Ask them all your questions

If you first want to try out the coffee from this machine, then you might want to go to the coffee bar in Ghent. At WAY you can taste the different brews from the best machines. When you have questions about coffee for filter or their machines, feel free to ask away. The employees have many years of experience in the barista world and will be able to give you the information you seek.